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Mariell Lehman
Attorney at Law


Representing Southeast Michigan


Regardless of the type of legal case you're dealing with, having a lawyer could help you achieve a positive outcome for your case. When you work with me, you can expect a high level of personalized service because I believe in giving you a fighting chance to protect your rights.

Flexible appointment availability Monday through Friday, 9am - 5pm, and weekends, by appointment. The goal is to provide all of our clients with:

  • Free Initial Consultations/Case Reviews

  • Comprehensive Services

  • Reasonable Fees

  • High Levels of Support



For the past 7 years, I have been helping clients secure positive outcomes in cases ranging from divorce and child custody to drunk driving and serious criminal charges.

This experience has taught me what methods and techniques work best and I use them with each client to help ensure more favorable outcomes.




Mariell has appeared at hearings for my clients, and they were extremely satisfied at her representation. Mariell is helping provide affordable legal care to lower- and middle-income people in Michigan, and is a highly effective lawyer.
— Bert Whitehead, divorce/separation attorney
Mariell is an incredible advocate for her clients. Her experience working in Oakland County as a non-attorney before becoming an attorney, has given her the skills and relationships necessary to get the job done for her clients.
— Joseph Schodowski, DUI/DWI attorney
Mariell has a natural courtroom presence that makes her an excellent litigator. Mariell knows how and when to be heard to the benefit of her clients.
— Corey Silverstein, litigation lawyer